"London Log Company over deliver on all counts"

Jonny Bone, Head Chef Core by Clare Smythe

"Their knowledge of wood and charcoal is always generously shared"

Andrew Clarke, St Leonards

"A true ambassador for product, people and industry."

David Carter, Smokestak

"Mark Parr probably knows more about cooking with wood than anyone has needed to since the introduction of piped gas"

Tim Hayward, FT Weekend Magazine.


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"We've worked with the London Log Company since before we opened. I've never known people as passionate about what they do, as Mark says "Don't think of us as a supplier, think of us as a partner" Their knowledge, advice, tact and grace are unmatched. And in turn they know they are always welcome anytime."

Petersham Nurseries, Damien Clisby

"Not only are The London Log Co an outstanding wood merchant, they have opened doors and given me more opportunities than most chefs. They are driven to source only the best produce possible and by doing so have created a supporting community of passionate people who share their skills and knowledge of wood-fired cookery worldwide."

Nancarrow Farm, Jack Bristow

"Log Co get fire; they get chefs’ requirements for fire. Their passion and expertise is at the core of our industry and our infatuation with cooking over a wood and charcoal fire. They’re able to provide a service that gets us the fuel we need at a moment’s notice bringing the magic ingredient that gives us the extra level of flavour in our food. They are at the forefront of wood fire cooking in London and the UK and I look forward to where this takes us next."

The Brigade, Keith Burrows

London Log Company are a key ingredient to my cooking - their excellent product and amazing service make sure I can serve my guests the best dishes with unique, smokey aromas. I have been working with them since the opening of Oklava, I couldn’t recommend them enough!

Oklava, Selin Kiazim

"London Log Co’s products are top notch. The Holm Oak charcoal is the best in the business. I have had the pleasure of working with them for the last 3 years and looking forward to many more."

Country Fire Kitchen, Tom Bray

"Since setting out on my quest to open my own restaurant, London logs have been there throughout, they’re not like any normal supplier! They have helped me develop my passion in cooking and expand my knowledge of fire to the next level. They have filled me with great confidence to deliver something special in the industry."

Hicce, Pip Lacey

"I can’t remember when I first met the boys at LLC but as a chef, I’m always bowled over by people in our industry who care about their produce as much as we care about cooking it. Logs though... I never imagined I’d come across such nerds about wood! They bring flavour, quality and an enormous helping hand in training to the table and above all, they are a joy to work with."

Mare Street Market, Gizzi Erskine

"I can’t think of another company with the same level of knowledge, understanding and passion for their product and what they do. What’s more, the people behind the company are kind and generous and that's why I love London Log Co"

River Cottage, Gill Mellor

"We’ve been using Log Co since day one and the quality of wood and charcoal has always been superb. The customer service is also great, we had a problem with smoke complaints from our council and Mark personally took the time to advise and mentor us to eradicate the issue."

Rök, Matt Young

What a team, they take video orders and only source the best quality charcoal and wood! So much knowledge and care for sustainability! If you have any questions they love to help, teach and advise!! A business that puts products and customers before anything else!! Not many of us left. Love your work.

Sean Williams