We Have Wood

Yes, we’re all stocked up here. Ash, Oak, Beech and Birch all feature in our production. It’s the variety of English hardwoods that allows for a good burn for heat ratio. In theory it might be tempting to go for an all Beech or an all Ash stack of wood, Beech being high on the calorific chart and Ash having a near superstar status. But in isolation both these woods struggle; one to get going, the other to keep up. So as in life, a little solid but steady and a bit of ready-to-go volatility in the mix is about right

The biomass kiln has also settled in well and the yard is at an all time ‘Low  Waste’ point, where to put it simply; the wood drying kiln is run on pretty much all the odds-sods and off cuts. We could go on about how wonderfully green that is, but it’d be a bit shortsighted not to use this by-product (seems a shame to call it ‘waste’) in the boiler and dry the logs in the process

There’s also a very nice and safe piece of log-splitting kit (designed and built in the U.K ) settling in at the yard. It feeds logs onto a rolling table, then into the mouth of the beast, which in turn cuts and splits it to exactly what size and shape we want. From there they go up a conveyor belt and into a turning tumbler to shake out the loose stuff  (these are the bits that fuel the kiln ) and from there they go into a vibrating stillage crate shaker. The shaker settles the wood so it doesn’t happen in transport, hence better fuel efficiently ‘door to door’

John's got 'the difficult' job. Mind you before this machine, it was TOUGH

It’s all very encouraging and a good sign that British Woodland produce is being treated and traded in the best way we can.

Our collective aim is to tread gently and replenish the stocks we crop, be kind and diligent with our production, enjoy the fact that we work with what we love and care about, and to give our customers and collaborators the best we can produce.

We are all in this for the long haul and to give you a few examples of this ; the Biomass Kiln has been factored in over a 20 year cost cycle. The woodlands that grows our wood exclusively has a 15 year cutting & restocking programme, all compliant beyond the remit of the Forestry Commission. We treat our resources carefully and respectfully and it’s directly creating employment within the rural economy. Only 3 years ago there was a 1-2 man team in the yard, now they’re up to 5. The new guys are learning about woodland production and the art of charcoal making, whilst working in a clean and safe modern production environment. We’re justly proud to be making a difference and we’ll continue to do so.

Lastly, if you’ve ever wondered what a modern day wood cutter sleeps in whilst working a remote woodland, then this ‘camper truck’ is home from home for one or two of the cutting team. It’s a 4×4 of some magnitude, but a surprisingly cosy one at that. I’ve often wondered if the boys have driven to the supermarket to stock up pre-excursion. That’s a sight I would like to see, I’ll ask them next time I see them.


All the best for now