Food Festivals & Events: Real-Fire Cooking


Nomads and gastronomes. Rockers and roamers. Drifters and dreamers. The reclusive, the wild and the weird. Welcome. Step in and linger. We invite you on an escape like no other.

You are embarking on an all-guns-blazing tour of the arts and heart-stopping delights that we have chosen to import to our paradise corner of the world. Explore far and wide. It’s all for you.

We also wanted to create a place where you can keep reality at arms length, where experience is everything: a humming microcosm in the Wilderness that dazzles and thrills every single sense.

This is one of our favourite escapes. One which has freedom and enough to fill an entire 3 days if you wish……..


Meatopia V 2017…

We’re 5 years old now, all grown up and standing strong and joyful. London Log Co joined with this event at the very beginning, we’ve grown together and we’re part of something we’re proud of.

This year we have 70+ chefs over the three days, with new ideas and food coming to the to the passes this year. From Cornwall we have the company of Nathan Outlaw, a man who holds more Michelin stars for fish than any other chef in the world. He’ll be cooking sea beasts (yes fish!) over fire and i’m personally very excited at the prospect. He’s a good friend and a great chef, it’ll be epic!
Keep in touch, feel free to ask questions…..