Fire and food: Live Fire Cooking on Wood and Charcoals

It’s definitely been an interesting last few years here at London Log Co,  as our business direction has been defined by a growing food revolution, happening here across the U.K. Much of our focus is on wood production and charcoals for the restaurant industry, with single species charcoals and wood becoming ingredients, as well as heat source for cooking and food.

But we’ve also expanded our services by sharing our knowledge on aromatics, techniques and flavour, along with grills and the whole how-to on wood requirement

I’d often toyed with the idea of working in a kitchen and making food as a profession, then I thought really hard about it and realised my family could do with me being around during the waking hours.

But I still had the thoughts of somewhere finding a niche, into which I’d fulfil my dreams of being involved in one way or another.

And then the street food revolution kicked off, much of it outdoors and often featuring a fire. I took a sniff of the smoke and was drawn by the flame, I knew where I wanted to be. But quite how I was going to do it wasn’t wholly clear. However, I knew cooking outdoors was good for the soul, good for taking time out to contemplate life, but more so it was unbeatable for flavour.  Nothing can match the taste of the real thing, live fire is the real deal

And here we find ourselves in 2016 servicing a great part of the restaurant industry, running grills and events like MEATOPIA and in general ‘living the live-fire dream’. My clothes, my hair and much of my life smells of the sweet perfume of wood smoke. It’s not a burden I assure you, much joy follows the hard work.


Amen, in smoke we trust


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