Bbq is a state of mind..


We stock a diverse range of combustibles for restaurants and home BBQ.  Holm oak Charcoal and Kiln Dried Firewood and much, much more. We deliver by the bag, in a parcel, or in a neatly a stacked crate, with our own drive team, or Nationwide Courier

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*on selected items only. Charcoal, boxed wood, anything you can imagine the guy from UPS carrying to your door. But big ass bags of wood are subject to carrier charges, which makes sense.


We stock Ash, Beech, Oak and Silver Birch, as well as Holm Oak wood, Apple wood and Vines. The wood are kiln-dried and “ready to burn” HETAS certificated. Our firewood is cut to 9-10″ in size.


Our mail-order service allows us to dispatch ‘overnight’ across the most of the U.K for a 24 -48 hr door-to-door service. Were here to help, with our on-line shop sending out goods daily.


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Firing the imagination

Our products are our pride and joy. They’ve been tested in the toughest environment; the Professional Kitchen. We’ve developed them with performance in mind, with careful resourcing in an ever challenging world.

We offer “Chef’s products for Home-cooks’ . We want you to enjoy them and get the best from your live-fire cooking and BBQ.



London Log Co has been at the coal-face of a sea-change in the way BBQ restaurants and Live-fire cooks and Chef’s create. From Michelin stars to street-food revolutionaries, we know that this way of cooking is firmly part of the classic canon, it’s also a way of life for so many immeasurably talented cooks & chefs. London, the U.K. and beyond, we’re proud to support them in this cooking revolution.

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Our wood is harvested species by species, for their burn qualities and aromatic profiles. Hardwoods, Fruitwood, Nutwood and Vines, all have unique qualities to enhance your cooking.

To make our Holm Oak Charcoal, branches from living trees are pruned’ off and this by-product is gathered, it’s then used by the collier to make a beautiful charcoal, leaving precious trees to carry on growing.

Root-to-shoot is our industry’s nose-to-tail. At London Log Co we work to a Zero-Waste ethos, it makes sense to use all of the tree, or not to cut it down in the first place; why waste a good tree when the branches can be pruned off instead.

Wood, wood chip, and wood dust are all put to good use. With much of our packaging we ask you to keep and return it, it’s re-usable & recyclable, and know we’re working on it to get it better.




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''We've worked with the London Log Company since before we opened. I've never known people as passionate about what they do, as Mark says "Don't think of us as a supplier, think of us as a partner" Their knowledge, advice, tact and grace are unmatched. And in turn they know they are always welcome anytime.''

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