In Smoke We Trust

After eighty years of playing with gas, electricity and sous-vide, live-fire cooking has returned. Amen.

In Smoke We Trust

We supply Chefs, Cooks and Restaurants across the whole of the UK, often into Europe and as far as NYC.

In Smoke We Trust

Our products are carefully made to ensure a healthy balance between us and the natural world.


From our simple beginnings, our ever-growing team now services over three hundred restaurants, both near and as far as New York. Equipped with an axe, a beaten up truck, and a strong will to create something new and innovative, London Log Co. was founded seven years ago from an unbridled passion for wood and live fire cooking. We succeed by doing this in the most sensible way possible, with the land and its trees in mind. In this way we maintain a healthy balance between people & nature. We also stock firewood for the home, along with charcoals and wood for the outdoor cook.


Our clients are our pride and joy. We’ve grown with them, informed them and have been endlessly inspired by them. London Log Co. have been at the coal-face of a sea-change in the way our restaurants create, and Chefs cook. From Michelin stars to street-food revolutionaries, we know that cooking with fire and embers is firmly part of our cooking heritage and culture, it’s become a way of life for so many immeasurably talented chefs. London, all over the UK and beyond, we’re proud to support you in this live-fire cooking revolution.

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The Observer Food Monthly 50 2019

We’re in good company here in #OFM50 @obsfood, most honoured for the recognition. A big thanks to our team @londonlogco too, your hard work and support is exceptional.

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Holm Oak Wood from Spain

This is the tree that grows the acorns, that feeds the black-footed pigs, that become Pata Negra Jamon.

This wood is hard, dense and aromatic, much lauded for it long burn characteristic and authentic use in wood fired oven cooking.

Now in our London Log Co stores, in 12 kilo boxes and 25 kilo bags.

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Fire Craft

Dry Paper. Dry Wood. A good Air Draw, then add flame. It’s pretty simple to create a good fire, and it’s been so for forever. The tinder or paper part varies, but fundamentally it’s the same principle…

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Notes on wood – October 2018

Everything you need to know about wood right now…

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Live-fire aromatic profiles are subtle and nuanced, imbuing food with tasting notes from a gentle minerality to a full-blown flavour hit. If you’ve travelled to the Basque Country and witnessed the huge outdoor grills at Elkano in Getaria, then you’ll recognise the aromatics of our charcoal, it burns pure white and it’s perfume is unmistakable. Our Holm Oak wood is gathered from the coppicing of the ‘Encina’ (Quercus Ilex) providing the longest burn value of any sustainably produced charcoal.

''We've worked with the London Log Company since before we opened. I've never known people as passionate about what they do, as Mark says "Don't think of us as a supplier, think of us as a partner" Their knowledge, advice, tact and grace are unmatched. And in turn they know they are always welcome anytime.''

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