London Log Co. was founded 9 years ago to create something fresh and innovative for the industry. Equipped with an axe, a beaten up truck and a strong will to ensure quality and sustainable products, we created a service for Chefs, Cooks and BBQ enthusiasts.

We now work with over three hundred restaurants, festivals and events, both near and as far as New York, with charcoals, wood and equipment for cooking.

Our way is to maintain a healthy balance between man and beast, with the land and trees in mind. We succeed by doing this in the most sensible, sensitive way, treading lightly in the environment as we go.

London Log Co also deliver firewood for the home, along with charcoals and wood for the outdoor cook.

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Working together: firing the imagination

Our clients are our pride and joy. We’ve grown with them, informed them and been endlessely inspired by them. Log Co has been at the coal-face of a sea-change in the way our restaurants cook and create. From Michelin stars to street-food revolutionaries, we know that Live-fire cooking is firmly part of the classic canon, it’s also a way of life for so many immeasurably talented chefs. London, the U.K. and beyond, we’re proud to support them in this cooking revolution.

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Black Axe Mangal Book Featuring Lord Logs

Black Axe Mangal Cookbook

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#LogCoatWork at Meatopia 2019

@meatopiauk this weekend gone we had that in droves. It’s a massive thanks to all of those who came, gave their time, and loved every minute.

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Meatopia 2019

Catch these and us @meatopiauk . The one and only dedicated Live-Fire food event since 2013 at #tobaccodock London.

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The Observer Food Monthly 50 2019

We’re in good company here in #OFM50 @obsfood, most honoured for the recognition. A big thanks to our team @londonlogco too, your hard work and support is exceptional.

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We harvest wood, species by species for their burn qualities and aromatic profiles. Hardwoods, Fruitwood, Nutwood and Vines, all have unique qualities to enhance your cooking.

To make our Holm Oak Charcoal, branches from living trees are pruned’ off and this by-product is gathered, it’s then used to make a beautiful charcoal, leaving precious trees to carry on growing.

Root-to-shoot is our industry’s nose-to-tail. At London Log Co we adopt a Zero-Waste ethos, as naturally it makes sense to use all of the tree, or not to cut it down in the first place. After all, why waste a good tree?

Wood, wood chip, wood dust are all put to good use. With much of our packaging we ask you to keep and return it, it’s re-usable & recyclable, and know we’re working on it to get it better.




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''We've worked with the London Log Company since before we opened. I've never known people as passionate about what they do, as Mark says "Don't think of us as a supplier, think of us as a partner" Their knowledge, advice, tact and grace are unmatched. And in turn they know they are always welcome anytime.''

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